Intermittent 'tddium run' errors

"Over the past few days, I've been getting the following error when doing 'tddium run':
   API Error: 404 Not Found (1) Not found
   Failed due to error: Not found

"This error seems to go away and come back at random times. Could you please advise?"

Situations like this can be tricky and might be caused by something like a transient network error or something even more difficult to track down. It is generally best to contact support@. However, what we sometimes see is that this is the result of a set of requests for a branch that does not exist on Solano. With the following information we can investigate that, and if that is the cause track it down and correct it for you.

  1. Let us know what gem version you are using? ( tddium or solano and the version string)
  2. Send me your .tddium or .solano (or both) files from your repo and home directory; it would be best to delete the api_key field in the file.
  3. Remove those files and log back in and try again.*

*Through the CLI you can implement the solano support:dump command that can automatically collect this information and more as JSON.

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